Why Create and Tell Your Stories On Your Own Site In 2022?

by Lynn
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Why tell your own stories on your site and not just on Social Media? Boy, can I answer that question!

I have been the world’s worst in the last four years after creating Follow Alaska about actually putting all the content here, first, where I should have.

Unfortunately, I have learned the lesson the hard way after recently losing our original Facebook account.

With that being said, this is going to force me, so to speak, to start sharing all the stories and descriptions behind the photos we post, here… first. There are plenty of reasons why there are gaps in the blog posts here, and if I am being honest, there shouldn’t be.

Stories, funny content, all the places that Daryl has been all over the state – they all end up scattered between Tik Tok, Facebook, and beyond.

So, when one of these platforms that we all use decides that something is going to change within their platform, and you make a mistake, or if something is against their standards (like hunting)… POOF! It’s gone.

In the case of our Facebook page, I switched us to the new page manager a few months ago. Last week, I decided to do some updates, and as I have always done under the old page settings, I unpublished the page so that everyone following along would not get bombarded with notifications.

After I unpublished it, it was gone, for the most part. I could still see the option to switch to it, but I had no option to edit, change or republish it.

As of today, I cannot see it at all from the desktop, but I can from my phone. It is bizarre, and of course, I don’t think anyone has ever heard anything back from Facebook, although I am hopeful that it will just reappear at some point.

Until that day comes, if it comes, I will be here figuring out a way to fill in the blanks in the posts and backdating a few recent events to fill the holes.

If you have your own thing that you do on the internet or social media, I figured that I would share my experience so that you could avoid the same fate. This also is a prime example of why the big influencers always recommend having an email list. I am working on getting that set back up now.

Lesson learned.

Sigh. Sorry, everyone.

Until next time...

Update: We got it back!

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