Shipping and Return Policy

by followalaska

Currently, we are shipping to the United States for orders processed by us. However, if you have chosen an item printed through our printing partner, shipments are mostly worldwide. The item descriptions will let you know if we are printing or making the item(s) ourselves or if there are options that include outsourcing to our partner for other print jobs.

Orders directly from us are hand-packed with love and care in the order they come in. 

Items that are made or printed by us are shipped once a week unless one of us is making a special trip to town, in which case orders will go with them. Shipping times will vary from our printing partners for those items we do not ship personally.

We will send you an email before dropping it off with your tracking information. It will start tracking once we drop it off in Copper Center.

We have no control over shipping times once we leave it at the post office.

Canada shipping: customers are responsible for eventual duties and taxes before or after receiving international order(s).

All sales are final. We do not accept returns, cancellations, or exchanges but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.

Thank you for supporting our small business.

Follow Alaska 
PO Box 134
Copper Center, Alaska 99573

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