Living in Rural Alaska | Road Trip to the Valdez DMV

by Lynn

Good morning, friends. I thought I would show some footage of a trip from our area to Valdez. I decided to do this spur of the moment to show that even getting something as simple as a drivers license renewal can turn into a day trip out here.

We have a DMV that is located closer, in Glennallen, but currently they are not doing CDL renewals. So, with that being said, we had to take not only one trip to Valdez, but two trips to get Daryls license renewed. Neither of us have ever had to show our birth certificates for renewal, but this time he did.

This footage does not show all of that, but simply just the first trip down. This one task turned into an all day affair, and roughly 380 miles altogether. One way to Valdez from our place is about 95 miles all the way into town. (I rounded to 100 on the video, not sure of the exact mileage to the DMV itself)

We decided to do a turn and burn the same day because the day before we had truck issues and Daryl only had one more day off to get this done. I’m glad we decided to do that because it turns out, she had to close the DMV the next day due to an ear infection.

Fun Facts About This Stretch of Road to Valdez:

– Once you leave Kenny Lake, there are no fuel stops again until you get to Valdez.

– The Alyeska Pipeline runs along the Richardson Highway and ends in Valdez.

– Thompson Pass gets an average of over 700 inches of snowfall every year.

– Thompson Pass also has it’s own DOT station and crew.

– When there is an Avalanche that closes the highway, there are no other routes.

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