Priceless Alaska Walks

by Lynn

Random walks in the woods are good for the soul. They’re especially good in Alaska.

In a world where fashion and being trendy are at the forefront of most peoples minds, there are still those of us who do our own thing regardless of what is trendy.

Even if it’s by accident.

Last night, after checking on the chickens and turkeys, I decided to walk the tree line. Daryl followed, thinking we were going to stay in the yard. Of course, me being me, I darted for the woods to see what’s rapidly changing with the seasons.

My sweet husband followed. At one point I crouched down to get this shot and looked over at Daryl.

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I had to laugh out loud because it was at that point I realized he had tossed on his shoes but was wearing his favorite Hostess Twinkie pj pants that we got him many years ago when the kids were growing up. I drug this poor man all the way back to the pond into the muskeg.

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I couldn’t help but think to myself, The Bearded Yeti himself is going to get caught in the woods wearing Twinkie pants.

IMG 7142
It was in this moment that Daryl was questioning his life’s decisions…

Moral of the story, if you see a bearded dude randomly wandering out of the woods, rest assured he’s probably just following his wife.

In all seriousness, its been another busy week and it was nice to just wander off together and find humor in silly things, even if only for a few minutes.

Jack didn’t mind it either.

Follow your spouse, your partner, your friend. Spend time with those around you, even if it’s for a short walk taking random pictures of mushrooms. You won’t regret it.

Time together, regardless of where you live, is priceless.

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