Suddenly We Found Our Piece of Alaska in 2020

Hey everyone!

After the way the world started in 2020, you could have never convinced me that this would be the year that we bought our piece of Alaska. But here we are. We found the perfect spot (for us) in the same area that we wanted to be in, finally! (Pictures to come)

We knew what we wanted and where we wanted to be, but I honestly wondered if it would happen before we hit our 50’s.

That’s what I get for thinking.

2019 was a great year. We moved back north back into the Copper River Basin from Valdez, and Daryl went back over the road doing what he loves to do the most. Driving long-haul. Both of these things happened in the same month.

How all this happened is just proof that everything really does happen for a reason.

A Suprise at Work

Our Life in Alaska

I was at work one day back in July of this year when a regular customer who we had met when we first moved to Alaska came in. John and I got to talking like usual; only this time, he mentioned some land he knew of that was for sale.

Being the practical thinker that I am, I listened with great interest but was thinking to myself; this is probably not the most logical of times to be buying anything, even if it is in our price range.

Now, with that being said, “great deals” or the “deal of a lifetime” never happen to Daryl and I. We have never been that couple or those people who can snatch something up lol. That is why what I am about to say is so mind-blowing!

John and I continued the conversation, and he was explaining that the land had been offered to him, but it was across the highway from his place, and he had no interest in it.

He went on to tell me that it had sat there for a few years and had an old trailer that would need to be removed and a bunch of junk hauled off.

Then he told me he wasn’t sure if the price that was offered to him would be the same for us, but he would get a hold of the owner.

I’m not going to lie here; I almost fell out when he told me what the price was, and then snapped back to the reality that was more than likely just the offer for him, even with the amount of cleaning and clearing that would need to be done.

I Still Could Not Wait To Get Home That Night

Even though that logical part of my brain was screaming at me that we would never get it for that price, the part of me that had become complacent burst into life, and I couldn’t wait to see Daryl in person and tell him about this.

There are many conversations that need to happen in person, and this was one of them. Plus, I wanted to see the look on my husband’s face.

As it would happen, Daryl was still working when I got home. To say I was bursting at the seams would be an understatement, so I ended up telling him about this on the phone.

I really think he thought I was pulling his leg at first, until he realized I was serious.

We Met The Owner At The Property

John is a man true to his word, and he put us in touch with the owner of the property.

Daryl talked to this gentleman on the phone, and the land was offered to us at the same price, but we wanted to see it, and he wanted us to see it before we shook hands on the deal. Plans were made to meet that Saturday.

For both of us, it felt like Saturday took forever to arrive, but it finally did. Then, we had to wait for the time to meet. It finally came time to hit the road, and we met him at the store and followed him onto the property.

This man, Dennis, was so sweet. I have never met an 80-year-old man or woman who can move as fast as he does, though. He seemed as excited to show us the property as we were to see it.

Old Shop and future chicken coop
Old Shop – Future Chicken Coop

It turns out that several years ago, it was a close personal friend of his who owned this land. When the man passed away, he left this land to Dennis.

As I stood there with Jack by my side, starring at the old house, all I could think is how grateful I am for this opportunity. Yes, I saw what needed to be done, but I also felt the scales shifting.

The old Trailer
The old trailer

There has been a lot of time pass from the time that was written until the time this happened.

We Now Own Our Piece of Alaska

Words cannot express how happy and how grateful we are to finally be back on track with the original plan, although it went off course there for a while.

We know that everything happens for a reason. Without things happening the way they have, we might not have ever crossed paths with some of the people we now call friends.

There is lots of work to do before we can even think about breaking ground, but we are okay with that. Good things in life are always worth waiting for as well as working for – or towards.

Darryl on the property
Daryl showing me where the front porch will be

We will be staying at the rent house for the winter while making plans for the future. Now, we know what we have to work with and what we need to do instead of just a general idea.

In the meantime, I’ll be cooking stuff up over the winter months and sharing plans as we get them in order. We do know this for now, though – we will be living in an RV while we build, and the building is going to take a year or two.

This is our life as we know it, and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Manytimes, the things that scare you the most are the very things that are the most rewarding.

Until next time…

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