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Hello friends and family! I hope this post finds everyone doing well this winter. As you can tell, we have been hard at work giving Follow Alaska a new look. (This should be finished by the end of this month, I hope.) The latest updates to Follow Alaska are being done for several reasons.

Since we first birthed the idea for Follow Alaska on Oct 5th, 2018, one of our many goals was to share our story about life here.

We also wanted to start a YouTube channel, open a shop with handmade items, and have the option to share Alaska Photography prints, to name a few.

Once we moved back up to Copper Basin, Daryl’s job kept him gone a lot. But then, as we all know, 2020 happened, and the last year and a half have just been one thing after another after his truck got shut down the first time that spring.

One of our main issues was figuring out how to make the big picture, one that included all of our goals and dreams work, with us being apart so much. Daryl and I are opposites in many ways, which is precisely what makes us work great together.

Daryl shocked me

So with the recent events, we both noticed one major thing. Every circumstance in the last year and a half keeps bringing him home. As December 2021 rolled in with a bang, the previous series of events left us both wondering what the hell we were doing. Are we living or just existing in many areas of our life together? We aren’t getting any younger, and our goals and dreams always seem to be just out of reach. So is working this much to be gone that long worth it in the end?

I’ll give you the short answer to that. No. No, it’s not.

So, he pulled himself off the road on his own accord. I never thought I would hear myself say that, much less be sharing it with you, but that is what has happened. I am still in shock!

Stronger together

He will be home more now and working closer to the house so we can hunker down and make our dreams happen and Follow Alaska together more. So the first order of business was finding a home for all of his stuff from life on the road. I always joke that this is a truck stop, but for a week straight, all things “over the road trucker” had a temporary home in the living room. It was a sight to see!

I guess there won’t be any more late nights out there with the flashlights feeling the need to help him get backed in or wondering if we are ever going to see each other again because the Haul Road acts like a mistress, ha-ha!

The excitement of a new journey

We decided that everything we wanted to do is going to stay under “Follow Alaska” for the most part. (Handmade items and our photography) Daryl is starting a side gig as well.

With that being said, late one night when we were going through his stuff and finding a forever home for everything, I think I shocked him when I said, “why don’t we move the office into the bedroom, so we have more room to work together?”

The look on his face was priceless. He asked if I needed to think about that, and I quickly said no. It makes no sense to me why we choose to sleep in the bigger of the two rooms. It does make sense to use the bigger room to make dreams happen! – pun intended-

Old posts being re-done

As we go into this next phase of our lives with you guys, since I am redoing the website, I thought it would be good to pull all our posts down and redo them. Of course, some would say that is a terrible idea, but sometimes you need to clean house and start from scratch.

Most of the older entries with lower-quality pictures from when we first moved here will be redone with resized images where they can be, that is. Since finding a missing thumb drive, more images can now be added. You will see the differences in photo quality as the years pass because we started adding equipment to our tool bag around 2018-2019.

There will also be new entries of draft posts that I have never shared. We have many things we didn’t share for several reasons. The main one is that I overthink things way too much! I felt some of the posts that I have been hoarding might come across as being negative because of what was going on, while others I wrote but didn’t publish because I didn’t think anyone would be interested in them.

Looking back on that, I realize I should have already posted them all. Sorry about that.

So, anyway! When you see small changes happening to the site or page categories that are temporarily blank or a menu option that appears, this is why. I am working daily to get this all done and posts back up (or up period) and the shop page created. Until we get all of our other supplies here and our in-house shop finished, we have a few things on Etsy. More items will be added as we save up to get more supplies and tools!

Thank you for following our journey and for your support!

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