Moving to Alaska?

by Lynn

Okay, folks! For those who have read our Backstory, you will know that we got off to a rough start when we first made it to Alaska. I really wish we had known about these links before moving to Alaska ourselves.

That’s how this post was born.

Moving to Alaska should be an exciting time, and I want you to have as much information that can help you, that I wish we would have had access to when we moved here!

To say that our first year here was humbling is an understatement. I told Daryl after we had moved south to Valdez, that I was going to write something like this one day.

So, here I am!

The terrible experience that we had with the employers that we went to work for when we first arrived left all of us very different people.

It also left us knowing that we never want anyone to go through that!

We learned that lesson the hard way. Hopefully, you won’t have to. Or, better yet, hopefully, you will go to work with amazing people right off the bat! Alaska has plenty of them! There are crooked people here, just like anywhere else, however.

Moving to Alaska

Contact the Labor Board

Research the people, not just the company.

Contacting the Labor Board (also called Alaska Wage and Hour) can be helpful. We found out after the fact that complaints had been filed with the company that we went to work for.

One of the state workers we spoke with told us that what we were dealing with was an ongoing issue with many “businesses,” especially in rural areas.

“Your family is not the first and unfortunately will not be the last to experience something like this.” That was heartbreaking to hear!

When people go through this, they tend to either “leave the state” or try to pick the pieces up and start over. It is time-consuming to follow through with a labor board complaint and case. With that being said, the bad businesses get away with things as they do more often than not.

Alaska Court View

Alaska Court View is a resource that provides everything that goes through the Alaska Court System.

On that site, you can find everything from traffic tickets to civil lawsuits to criminal history. If it happened in Alaska, it would be there.

Company names, as well as individuals’ names, can be searched.

I have never been quick to judge someone if they tell me they got in trouble, or if they have a record. After all, none of us are perfect. I have dealt with people who have clean records that should be under a prison.

For those that do have a record, there is a massive difference between having one or two things on your record from 1990 something as opposed to having a rap sheet that starts in the ’80s and is still going strong today.

Use your discretion with what you see or don’t see.

Employee Housing

I cannot stress to you enough that if employee housing is included in your plan, GET A LEASE.

Honest people are not going to have an issue with this, even if they haven’t done it before. Alaska has The Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act.

It is not illegal for an employer to decide to fire you (or your entire family). It is illegal to give you three days to move! Not that you would want to stay. But, a lease would protect you by law, and provide you at least a fighting chance to find another place within the timeline of the law.

It is also against the law for employers to discharge or otherwise discriminate against employees who file complaints or testify in matters related to the state minimum wage law (AK Stat. Sec. 23.10.135).

Moving to Alaska should be fun!

Protect yourself, yes, but also enjoy the incredible opportunities (and views) that Alaska has to offer.

Some of the most down-to-earth amazing people that I have ever met, are right here in Alaska.

I hope these links have offered value to your research!

Moving to Alaska has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done, regardless of the rough start! If you have any questions, please reach out or comment below!

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