Making the Move to Alaska

by Daryl

So, you dream of making the move to Alaska? I hope that this will give you a little help in making the move. I cannot tell you, “it’s easy; just move.”

That would be a lie, and I do not want to lie to you. But the truth is that if you’re going to move then move! It’s just like moving to a new house. It’s a matter of packing up and doing it. We did!

But let’s get this straight. This move, if moving from the lower 48, is a huge move. If you want to migrate to Alaska from another country, I cannot help you except referring you to the US government website at and finding out what you need to do to do so.

move to alaska
PC: Jimmy Emerson

Make a List and Check it Twice

After all, Santa does live at the North Pole!

Moving has checklists that you need to make to get started, just like moving across town or to another city. This checklist needs to begin with; why? Why do you want to move to Alaska? Is it because it is beautiful? Because you have always dreamed of Alaska? Is it because you want something new? And of course, Is it because you saw it on the TV and loved what you saw?

Those might seem like silly questions, but they are the heart of WHY you want to move here. Alaska can and will spit you out. Check the statistics at Alaska Labor Stats. Just since the reality TV shows have come and gone, there have been more people leave than what comes in. Scary thought- now that you know, not only are most of the new people are leaving, but so or some of the sourdoughs.

Even Santa has to get away once a year!

Santa Claus House
PC: atlantacelt

The Job

The most important part is the job. Do you have one waiting for you here? Do you have a specialized trade that you think Alaska needs?

The truth is that there are usually a lot of jobs in Alaska. I said, usually. If you move to the cities, you can always find a job someplace. But you wanted to move to Alaska, right?

Well, we wanted to move to the real Alaska. Not the city. There are not very many jobs out here. I drive 262 miles to work.

The best advice I can give you is to find work before you make the move. It is hard to do, but it can be done with a lot of leg work on the computer and phone. Do not forget to do your investigation of the business you want to work for. You can find some of that help on our post called,” Moving to Alaska? Check this out!”

Do not have your hopes and dreams crushed by bad companies. There are plenty of great companies here!

Peterbilt Alaska
Meeting Daryl at a pullout to give him a home-cooked meal.

Living in Igloos

It may be 32 inside an igloo but it will melt during break up. Yes, it does get hot here in the summer.

Living in one is only for survival in the arctic, and then again, you never really live in one. They take too long to build. I haven’t tried to build one, but I have read about them.

PC: Kelly Gardner

The last thing you want to do is move up here and then try to find a place to live. Housing is expensive, no matter if you are buying or renting. I would check sites like Alaska MLS and go from there. I would also suggest renting for a year or two. That way, you are not nailed down to someplace you do not like.

Some brave souls buy RV’s and live in them. That is doable, but most if not all, campgrounds close before the first snow. Your wanting to live in Alaska, remember? You do need a warm house that will help you beat the statistics and keep you here.

Your Dream

Now I hope that helps you a little more. We did somewhat do our move that way. Things have been tough, but we left nothing for us to go back too in the lower 48.

It was “make it or make it!” It was my wife’s dream since she was a kid. Who am I to stand in the way of her dreams?

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