Life in Valdez

Life in Valdez has been good; it is just not our forever home. We have been able to make so many good memories since being here. Since arriving that first January in Alaska, life has not just been about work. We have been able to explore, fish, and even go hunting.

Exploring this place is one of my favorite things to do, although when we have a couple of days off, we always seem to make our way slightly north back into the Copper River Basin. Time exploring with Daryl and the kids is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Watching the smiles of my family and the beauty of Alaska brings joy to me that I would have never thought possible when I was a kid. I love seeing us like this. Some people say that you need to put technology down and enjoy life. I say that does not happen enough.

The kids at Valdez Glacier Lake
The kids at Valdez Glacier Lake

Dock Point Trail with the kids
The kids and I are on Dock Point Trail in Valdez.
Thompson Pass Alaska
Our son helping our daughter-in-law with her snowshoe in Thompson Pass Alaska.
Valdez Alaaska
Fishing for Silvers

It appears that new opportunities may be on the horizon, so we will see what happens next!

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