Just An Update – 2022

by Lynn
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Update / Changes

On July 1st, 2017, our small cargo trailer was packed to the brim with everything we owned except a few last-minute items that’d be tossed in as we shut the door behind us one last time to set off on our new Alaskan Journey.

The excitement of the new journey quickly went sideways. We landed on our feet, and I decided to start this blog in October of 2018. However, the idea for this site suffered between work, life, and waiting for things to line up how I thought they should to start sharing more.

Initially, I just wanted to share our truth about living here due to many exaggerated tales on many reality TV shows and share some home cooking. Between work, life, and waiting to get to our forever home, so much time had passed in-between some of the original posts that the gaps could have filled a barge. A lot of what was happening, I didn’t think people would want to hear about, but many folks have told me otherwise.

Alaska Black Sand - Update

I’m finally taking my family’s and friends advice and writing a book. That will, sure enough, fill in all those gaps. Some parts of the old posts that I have now removed from here will be shared in the book.

In the meantime, going forward, I’m just going to blog about life now as it continues for us in this beautiful place. It’s funny to me how humans wait until the perfect time to do something when more often than not, the perfect time is now.

I also have quite the list of recipes to finally get on here (as you can tell by the menu) in addition to what we are doing with photography, designs, and the store.

For me these days, most of my time is spent here at our place with my granddaughter, the turkeys, chickens, and all of our many projects. I am looking forward to finally getting this all put together with the original vision and everything else we have added to the plan.

Until next time, folks…

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