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Welcome to the
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This is a place for everyone to ask questions and share their experiences.

We thought we would start this to keep things organized because sometimes things get lost in comments on blog posts for those that are looking for specific information.

The difference between a forum and a blog is that our blog shares our experiences. However, this forum will open things up for everyone to share their experiences as well. This is important because we believe that having multiple experiences and input is important for those seeking out information and knowledge.

Alaska is a massive place with different regions and climates. Therefore, everyone has different viewpoints and knowledge based on their area and their own lives and goals.

This is about anything involving Alaska, and even beyond with certain topics — Life, homesteading, foraging, and even life in the city. Do you live here, want to move here, or just here for a visit? It does not matter, everyone is welcome.

As we go into June 2022, having a forum is new to us, so please get in touch with Lynn if you have any issues with the forums or starting a new topic.

Share. Learn. Grow.
Follow Alaska, together.