Driving The Dalton Highway

by Daryl

Hey everyone! I already miss the Dalton Highway! (The haul road)

I hope this post finds everyone doing well, or at least as okay as we can be during this strange time our country is in.

I have a lot of footage that I have gotten with the cameras over the last few months of driving the Dalton Highway in winter. Since my truck got shut down a couple of weeks ago, we have been working on finding a program that would work for us to start putting better stuff together for you guys, which is long overdue.

We searched and searched and could not find anything that had markers for the haul road with video, so I wanted to show you the names of some places and the mile marker it’s at.

One of these days I will get some footage while driving the Dalton Highway that is not in warp speed, ha-ha. Since the Alaska haul road is such a long stretch of highway, this is what we decided to go with for now.

Once you get out of Fairbanks, here are some places to stop as you get further away from the population:

Hilltop Truckstop

For fuel and great pies, stop at Hilltop Truck Stop at mile 5.5 on the Elliot Highway, just north of Fox, Alaska.

The Dalton Highway
Photo Credit: Hilltop Truck Stop

Yukon River Camp

Headed north, the next stop would be the Yukon River Camp. As you head down a steep wooden river bridge, you can find them on the left-hand side of the Dalton Highway at mile marker 56.

They have a restaurant, gift shop, rooms, fuel and showers.

The Dalton Highway
Photo Credit: Yukon River Camp

Coldfoot Camp

Next up is Coldfoot Camp in Coldfoot, Alaska.

The camp was originally established as a camp for the builders of the haul road. Today it offers a restaurant, lodging, gift shop, and a Post Office as well as a tour company.

This is your last stop until you reach Deadhorse!

The Dalton Highway
Photo Credit: Kris Luck Photography

Deadhorse, Alaska

The end of the road for the Dalton Highway. Here you will find lodging, food, and fuel. Alaska Airlines also runs out of Deadhorse.

Deadhorse Alaska
Daryl on his downtime.

I will have future posts with more information about the Dalton coming soon. (Edit: 2020 shut my truck down along with many others – hopefully one day soon I will have more haul road footage for you guys – it’s currently October 2020 and we are all still waiting)

Until next time…


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