Change of Plans – Again

by Lynn
This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Chasing Pipe Dreams to Follow Alaska

I keep saying that we need to stop making plans. At this point I really should embrace living by the seat of my pants!

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When we first rented this little house, the owner had no interest in selling it, as I mentioned in the series post, “Back to the Copper River Valley“.

That made me sad because we love this place, I love this place, but Daryl and I both understood because this was once part of her family’s old homestead that has since been divided up. So I wouldn’t have wanted to sell either.

Our landlord called me in 2021 and asked a question I never thought I would hear fall from her lips. She asked if we would like to buy this place. I already knew the answer because Daryl and I had already told one another we would buy it without hesitation if she ever changed her mind. And, clearing the other land and building our place was on hold because of everything going on in the world.

In the spring of 2022, we got the paperwork back, and we officially went from renters to buyers! We are beyond excited and grateful!

In addition to this, we are also back together as a team. Our son, daughter in law and granddaughter moved back up from Valdez as well. Everything seems to be lining up in the timing in which it was supposed to happen.

Not only are we finally back together as a family team, but at the time this series is being updated we have just sold that other piece of property and have bought another piece of property behind us that ajoins this place. It was also once part of this original homestead.

So now a family of 5…soon to be 6 has just shy of 16 acres to work with. The building plans that Daryl and I had have now been scrapped and new building plans for the kids are being formed. Until then, we are just fine under one roof, working together to make dreams happen.

It appears as of 2022 we might be back on a new version of the original game plan. Okay, let’s face it, this is far better than the original plan because everything is better with grandkids!

The last five years have had quite a few bumps in the road, but it has been so worth it.

Why Are We So Determined to be in this Area?

Many people have asked us why we love this area so much. There is no short answer to that question.

The Copper River Valley is approximately the size of West Virginia, with a population of fewer than 3,000 people. The nearest big box store is 3 – 4 hours away. (Palmer/Wasilla, Anchorage or Fairbanks)

For us, that is a huge plus, ha-ha. We have our local store here in Kenny Lake that has everything we need. If they don’t have something, they go above and beyond to try and get it.

However, we love this place so much because of the people.

We have no mayors and no city government. The people here rely on themselves and one another in ways of volunteering. (Such as our local fire departments)

It is one of the last places on earth that I am aware of where respect and trust are earned, not demanded. As it should be.

The Copper River Valley includes the towns of Glennallen, Chistochina, Gakona, Gulkana, Copper Center, our home Kenny Lake, Chitina, and Kennicott/McCarthy.

That covers a lot of ground!

Sharing is Caring

I have shared what I have here for several reasons, but the main one is the truth about living here. Coming to live in Alaska is very different for everyone, because each of us has our own goals and plans.

Some folks are retired and have a steady income, while others still work.

Some need to be close to a city, while others don’t want to be.

I chose to share my story of just a few highlights of what my family and I have done, or been through since 2017 until now mostly for perspective for anyone who is thinking about moving here, or even to another place that is far away from their hometown.

Chasing these pipe dreams is something I will never regret. The best part about this whole thing however is that we have done it together.

What ever plans get changed next, I look forward to. In the meantime, I finally have some chickens and turkeys, and my family is back together.

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