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We are finally back home again in Copper River Valley! Words cannot describe how happy we are to be back to where our Alaska journey first began! We recently had a drastic shift in our lives that allowed this to happen.

Just a few weeks ago, I was finally getting a game plan together with this blog and had made a to-do list of things to write about that was going to start with Valdez to share with you guys in addition to filling in some gaps with our own story.

It is always an exciting turn of events when this family tries to make plans of any sort because Alaska herself tends to change those plans when we least expect it. I have started joking and telling Daryl that we live more like teenagers these days. In the beginning, it was very unsettling, but after everything that has happened, we are seeing that things usually happen for a reason and in their timing.

I guess I am just going to play it by ear, for now, ha-ha. Or, maybe playing it by ear is just the new normal.

A life-changing opportunity

The opportunity to move back up here happened pretty quickly, honestly. Daryl got a call one day and had been referred to a job by a friend that he had not applied for. With some more in-depth investigation, everything was on the up and up, and he committed to working for this new company. Instead of hauling fuel locally, he would be back running OTR. (over-the-road)

As he and I talked, we realized that this was our way back into Copper River due to the route he would be driving. We could have stayed in Valdez, but that is not where we are meant to be, and we know that much for sure.

A house for rent in Copper River Valley

Finding a house to rent until we can find our land should have been an ordeal, but that worked out too. My friend who lives here sent me a recent listing of a property that had just come up for rent that she saw on Facebook. I contacted the lady who owns it, and someone else was already looking at it. My heart sank, but I kept looking. Something kept drawing me back to this place, however. I cannot explain it.

Long story short, the other guy that was looking at this place changed his mind, and I drove up and checked it out while Daryl was hauling for the new company he went to work for. From the moment I pulled in, I felt like this was home.

The people we have rented from are not only nice, straightforward, and don’t have an issue with a lease agreement, but funny too. However, they are not interested in selling, so it looks like we will have one more move once we find or build our final home. Let me re-word that – she is not interested in selling. I don’t blame her a bit either. From what I understand, this place was once part of her folks’ homestead that has since been sectioned off.

We are back here now, so finding our patch of dirt will happen when the time is right. Until then, I am going to enjoy this place and treat it like I would my own. Like I said, from the moment I pulled in, it just felt right.

Alaska Owls

These two were perched out on the back deck the other morning.

As always… Alaska will determine what’s next. We are both happy to be back in the Copper River Valley that we fell in love with when we first arrived in Alaska. Now, I just have to get used to Daryl being gone more.

We are excited to see what the future holds! I am also excited that the cargo trailer is going to finally get completely emptied out!

Until next time…

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