Alaska winter vacation – 2020 edition

by Daryl

When you think of an Alaska winter vacation, you may envision a Winter Wonderland, and you think of the childhood stories of Christmas time—dashing through the snow, making snow angels at will, and throwing snowballs at your little sister all day and only getting in trouble by your mean aunt. You know the one that always forgets your name.

I live in a place where we cannot wait for the snow to arrive, and after it has been here for six months, we sometimes get ready for it to leave. It is a place that is overrun with tourism all summer long and roads that never stop running day and night. After all, it is easy to forget that it’s nighttime in the land of the midnight sun.

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The beauty of Alaska on a summer night

This year has been extremely quiet on the roads with the implementation of the COVID 19 virus. The Canadian border has closed for the most part. Some rebels have gotten through the border and brought with them a little excitement for us locals. The problem is that only a few things have been open for them to do stuff. Because of this, I would imagine an overabundance of Landscape Photography hitting social media this year.

We have all been cooped up all summer for the most part. This never-ending global pandemic, I expect, will be over sometime after we get our first snow, and the winter fun will bring everyone out. But, of course, you cannot be a hermit from this if you are still hitting the stores and shopping.

I love to get out, even if it’s just to watch others having fun. Summertime is great for getting ready for long winters and watching nature spring to life. The wildlife comes out from hiding like hide & seek champions.

When all this stuff hit, most of the winter festivals were fixing to get kicked off. But, instead, they were quickly abandoned like a ghost town on the Klondike Gold Rush Trail. It was a sad ending to winter and an even more unfortunate start to summer.

I expect this winter to be different yet the same. I have heard from many who want to open everything back up and get life back to normal.

Open Alaska Back Up

I say this merely because the times have lost a place in history. We need to get back to life with the chaos of an election, a pandemic, and cities on fire. This winter, we hope to have our winter fun back! Unfortunately, we missed The Alaska Tailgate. The people came, but there was no official tailgate. The Heli-Ski was nowhere to be seen. The Birds were ready but never flew. Arctic Man had the locals hitting the mountains, but the party and events were ghostly.

I know if we locals missed the fun and faces of winter, I can bet you missed the time of your life! So this year we need you to come back. Not because of your money, but because of the friendships that are made during these events and activities. The memories that are captured stay with all of us for a lifetime.

If you are a snowboarder, a skier, or a snow machiner, keep a lookout for these events and return this winter. You can listen to The Snowboard Project Podcast which will probably keep you up to date on these events, and the event websites that will have all the information you need.

Alaska Winter Vacation Ideas

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