Alaska Painted Rock

by Lynn

Ever wanted to pick the nose of a giant Alaska painted rock?

If you answered yes to that question, like my offspring did, you have come to the right place!

We all know that Alaska is the place to find off-the-wall stuff like this, but sometimes, even when you are deliberately out looking for it, it still catches you off guard.

Story Time

When our other kid decided that she was coming to Alaska, she thought we were going to have found and done all the cool fun things that one couple could possibly do before she got here.

She seemed to forget that her parents work for a living, and Alaska is not so small like say, Texas! Ha-ha!

So being the cool mom that I like to think I am, I had decided that on the way home from the airport we would get off the beaten path in the middle of what I like to call the “hills from hell” located on the Glenn.

I got the girl from the airport on a hot day in 2019, and we set out to get out of Los Anchorage as fast as possible.

I had told her that I had a surprise for her and if memory serves me right, I spilled the beans that night as to what it was.

We got a room in Wasilla to stay for the night and then sat out for the drive home.

Morning came, and off we went. As we were leaving Sutton, after filling up, I told her that we were entering into the stretch of that road that makes my hands sweat. Our detour to see the Alaska painted rock is in that stretch of road.

In true mom fashion, I passed the turn and had to turn around in the very spot that I hate the most as far as dropping to your death is concerned.

In true daughter fashion, she says, “this would be a perfect spot to paraglide off of.”

We found our road, and then we found our rock after passing it as well.

The dang thing just popped in the side mirror like a demon fixing to chase the truck.

Alaska painted rock

A Trip to the City Provided Some Footage

I have wanted to go back since then and get some video and more pictures of not only the rock, but the lake itself, but last summer faded quickly, and well, 2020 is still in full swing, and we all know too well how that is going.

As it happens, Daryl had a fan belt break last week, and we had to go into Los Anchorage to get a replacement. I told him I wanted to get a little footage of this place for you guys, so we did even though we were on a time crunch, and it was a day trip into the city…

It’s not the summer shots I wanted for you guys, but it will have to due. I can always come back in and update this the next time I go through that area in the summer. Next time I won’t use timelapse!

Bonnie Lakes Road

Bonnie Lakes road is beautiful, and the last place you would expect to see something like this painted rock. I guess that is the attraction to it!

The road is located at mile marker 83.3 of the Glenn Highway.

You can find more information about Bonnie Lakes, the lake map, and fishing information over at the Alaska Fish and Game website by clicking here.

We hope you enjoyed this, even though it was a quick trip, and post!

Until next time…

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