Adventure out

by Lynn

I decided to drag Daryl for an adventure out of the house yesterday. His truck has been shut down for a little over a month now, and the cabin fever he is not used to having was taking a visible toll on him.

We didn’t do anything spectacular, like ice climbing or bear watching. For that matter, no fishing was involved either, unfortunately. FYI- You will never find me ice climbing. I will, however, get pictures of those that do!

What we did do was enjoy a spur-of-the-moment short drive to Chitina and each other’s company.

Jack didn’t complain either.


As we made it out of Kenny Lake and into the Chitina area, the winds started to pick up, but that’s nothing new, ha-ha. We knew the chance of rain was high when we left the house, but that is just part of it.

Edgerton Highway Alaska

This is the time of year when everything is coming to life. Springtime in Alaska always seems to stall for a bit, and then all of a sudden, everything will be in full bloom.

It’s strange not to have a lot of traffic this time of year. May is usually the month when the RV’s start trickling in early in the season, the highways start to become full of more traffic from outside, and you can spot license plates from all over. But, unfortunately, it seems as though, for many, the travel plans for an Alaskan Adventure have been put on hold for a little bit.

What we have here is a little more like winter traffic, only it’s spring, and you can see the double yellow.

Chitina is a cool little town. We have liked it ever since we moved here. There is a lot of history here that we will cover in a later post once everything is open again.

For now, we will share some quick shots with you guys! Photography was not the focus today, but I still managed to get a few shots with the winds.

We turned off to head towards O’Briens and stopped here at the lake for a couple of minutes. We were laughing and talking about the bear that had popped his head out of the trees last time we were down here. He had seen us and disappeared back into the trees as fast as he had come out, but the look on his face is what makes it so humorous.

Town Lake Chitina Alaska

We hopped back in the truck and went on down the narrow road. It was one of those times that I was grateful that only a few of us were out. The stretch of the road right before you get to the creek is narrow, with a rock wall on one side and a steep drop off to the other. So you don’t have much room to move over and let someone else squeeze by.

Copper River Alaska
Fishing Boat seen from the road above

In about a week, the Dipnetting season opens for Alaskan residents, and this place will be hopping with both locals and people from other parts of Alaska. The fish wheels will also be turning!

Featured Blog Post 2 6
O’Brien Creek meeting the Copper River

McCarthy Road

Last summer, planks were removed and replaced on the Kuskulana River bridge. So we decided to go on down the road a little further to see if the pile of planks were still there. We didn’t think they would be, but we decided to check anyway.

Sure enough, only the bad stuff was all that was left that had not been picked through over the winter, but it was worth checking!

McCarthy Road
Mile 4 of McCarthy Road

Kuskulana River Bridge

The Kuskulana River Bridge is one of the most remarkable bridges I have ever been on. (Another shot of it is featured at the top of this post) It scared me to death the first time we went over it our first year here. Now, I look forward to going over it. One of these days, I will be brave enough to walk the panels under it!

The Kuskulana Bridge was built back in 1910. It was formerly a railroad bridge. This bridge is 525 feet long and 238 feet above the river.

Kuskulana River Bridge

Back to Downtown Chitina

We needed to head back home at this point. I looked at the time and realized that supper was close to being done in the slow cooker at the house.

Of course, we had to stop a couple more times. It’s just what we do when we have chances like these!

I want to make a complete history of this entire area, and as I said at the beginning of this, as soon as everything is opened up again, I will start from where we are and work my way out further.

Back to the house.

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