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We are living our version of the “Alaska Life”, being constantly inspired by the beauty of our surroundings in the Copper River Valley, Alaska.
Chasing dreams and making goals, one footstep at a time.

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Hey there!

We are glad you’ve found your way here.
We are pretty simple people who love our family, food, photography and creating things.

Here you will find stories, home-cooking, photography, and creations from both of us, as well as our grown kids, and granddaughter who are part of this journey.

We are looking forward to sharing everything with you. Follow along for our continued journey!

North to Alaska

The beauty of Alaska is like no other, from the foggy foothills on a spring morning to seeing our favorite dog team practicing for the next race.

There is certainly no shortage of wildlife to see as well.

Our short summers and fall are pretty busy and filled with many things to do and get done. Summer displays vibrant colors when everything has burst into life after being covered in a snow-covered blanket all winter.

On winter days, when some would view the atmosphere as dark and gloomy, we see the opportunity for the perfect shots in black and white where the snow has muffled the noise to all its surroundings. Then there are other nights when the beautiful Aurora Borealis bursts across the dark starlit sky.

Regardless of what the season is, we want to share it with you, from our perspective.  Let’s journey beyond the map.

Let’s dream, explore, and discover new things we love, together.

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