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Daryl and Jack


Meet Daryl!

Daryl is the backbone and the rock of the entire family.

He is a truck driver and heavy equipment operator by trade. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, discovering new music, and photography.

Daryl also enjoys discovering new things on the wheeler and finishing the blueprints for the new family cabin.

Having hailed from the great state of Texas, Daryl always had dreams of providing a more simple way of life for his family and the generations to come.

Welcome to Alaska


Meet Lynn!

Lynn is an entrepreneur. Having been a stay at home mom she always dreamed of creating a greater life for her kids and her husband.

In her free time, she enjoys doing freelance work, spending time with her family, and creating meals that feel like home. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing, photography, and crocheting.



Meet Jack!

Although he’s getting on up in age, Jack enjoys playing with his rope ball, Wilson. Jack loves family adventure, riding in his truck, and having play dates with the rest of the family’s dogs, Scooby & Dash.

In his free time, Jackie finds great joy in attempting to intimidate any large animal he comes across.



Join us as we share incredible views, mindblowing landscapes, extraordinary wildlife, and delicious homecooked meals.

Become an extended part of our family through short summers and long winters as we share the last frontier with you through our eyes and experiences.

Our Property


The time has finally arrived to bring our dream to life on the little patch of dirt that we purchased this summer. (2020)

Unfortunately, with winter descending, time is not on our side. So now we wait until the spring of 2021, where we will live in our beautiful quaint home, and continue to finalize our blueprints from everything from the cabin to the chicken coops.

The process may be lengthy, but this could be our grandest adventure yet; we hope that you look forward to following our story as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.

Stay tuned, and let the journey continue…