About Follow Alaska

by Follow Alaska

We are just a simple couple who live in Copper River Basin, Alaska, with our faithful German Shephard, Jack.

Living in Alaska has been a childhood dream of Lynns and later became Daryls as well.

In 2017, that dream became a reality, and we set out to Follow Alaska and make dreams happen.

After a few bumps in the road, we are now on 5 acres which we will be buying soon. Had we known this would have ended up being our forever property (with the existing house) when we rented it, many things would have already been set into motion. But, everything happens for a reason!

The dream was, and still is, to own land and become completely self-sustainable and produce and do as much as we can for ourselves.

Our kids and granddaughter live just south of us as well.

Thank you for following the adventure as we fit all the pieces together and continue to make Alaska our home!

Daryl and Lynn

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