8 Funny Questions About Alaska

by Lynn
People ask a lot of questions about Alaska, and rightfully so!
The Last Frontier is intriguing to so many people around the globe.

Every year, mainly in the summer, people flock to Alaska to set out on a new adventure or a trip of a lifetime.

Some questions can be amusing to locals, while others are downright irritating.

Can I Meet Someone I Saw On TV?

The short answer to this is probably no, although you may run into someone who is out and about.

Life here is usually not what you see on TV. But, unfortunately, thanks to Hollywood going over the top with so many scripted TV shows, people have gotten the wrong impression of how things work here and what life is really like.

While there are exceptions to every rule, meeting your favorite Alaskan TV star is most likely not going to happen, even if it is your “favorite mayor.”

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Questions about alaska
The start of McCarthy Road in Chitina | March 2018

Can You Use American Money In Alaska?

Alaska gained its statehood in 1959 and proudly holds the title of “Forty-Ninth State to the United States of America.”

So, since we are part of the United States, you can use our currency. I mean the US Dollar.

US Currency

What Time Do The Northern Lights Come On?

The lights come out when they want to. But, for whatever reason, some people think that there is a magic switch controlled by someone behind a curtain, like in the movie, The Wizard of Oz.

I will go ahead and add this, however – with the extended daylight in the summer months, and you will not see them in the summer!

Is Alaska An Island?

No! Maps like the one below give some folks the impression that Alaska is an island and that Alaska and Hawaii are located just below the lower 48.

Image Credit: Reddit

This map is an accurate image of where Alaska is located. This map also shows you how big Alaska is compared to the rest of the United States.

Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 4.38.15 PM
Image Credit: Google Maps

Yes, if driving here, you must go through Canada.

What Time Zone Is Alaska In?

Here in Alaska, we have our own time zone. We are one hour behind PST. 

As of this date, we still observe Daylight Savings Time. We are still wondering why, though. What’s the point of that?

Alaska time zone
Image Credit: Aron Visuals

Do The Oil Barrels Get Stuck In The Pipeline?

If oil barrels were sent through the pipeline, I am sure they would get stuck from time to time. 

We are safe from that ever happening, however. Rest assured that the only thing flowing into this massive pipeline is the oil itself. 

Alaska Pipeline
The Brooks Range and the Trans Alaska Pipeline on the Dalton Hwy

How Far Out Is Sea Level?

I was amazed at how often I was asked this question when I worked the docks. 

People would ask me while standing on the rental boat, “how far out do we have to go to get to sea level?” 

“You’re at sea level,” I would reply. 

Believe it or not, some folks would argue that fact with me. One man got downright hateful and told me I had no clue what I was talking about as he stood in the boat.

Saga - Deadliest Catch

What Time Do The Moose Come Out?

Daryl was at work one day when we first moved here. A man from the lower 48 asked him, “What time do the Moose come out?” 

Daryl told him, “Moose are the largest deer family and act like deer. They mostly come out at sunset and sunrise but are always out.”

On our side of the state, things are pretty rural. The wildlife does their own thing, on their timetable.

Alaska Bull Moose

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